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WELCOME TO SUNSOURCE. SunSource, a leader in industrial and mobile fluid power distribution for the past 70 years, provides customers with innovative solutions.

Activation Products 975A Elgin St. W. 357 Cobourg, ON K9A 5J3 Canada. USA Mailing Address: Activation Products 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. 4769 Las Vegas NV 89107 USA.

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We were voted as one of the best ideas coming out of Harvard Business School. And there is a reason for that. We are poised to capitalize on a large, white space in retail that will transform how specialty retailers and brands connect with their customers on mobile.

Activation provides specialty retailers in enthusiast markets with a branded customer management solution that bridges brick mortar with mobile and commerce. Supported by a common back-end infrastructure, our products such as CycleMate which is targeted at the motorcycle industry are transforming how retailers engage, build loyalty with and monetize their customers.

Delivered as a consumer facing App with a back-end administrative panel, CycleMate, provides dealerships with a branded customer management solution to engage with their customers on mobile, bring them in-store and drive commerce sales. CycleMate is supported by our common back-end proprietary platform that can be scaled across new verticals. CycleMate uniquely leverages the smartphone to drive engagement for riders and provides them with specific tools to augment their riding experience, such as: automated bike maintenance and health alerts, weather related conditions, tracking and sharing of individual rides and accessory and product recommendations amongst others.

Dealers will be able to forge deeper connections with their customers through direct messages, personalized rewards, promotions and invitations. CycleMate is being delivered through an Application as a Service AaaS monthly subscription based revenue model for dealers; free for their customers and provides a distinct value proposition for both dealers and their customers.

Activation s growth plans include extending its common back-end platform into new enthusiast based vertical markets. Management estimates an addressable revenue opportunity in excess of 5 BN in the U.S. across the 500,000 targeted customers in its core enthusiast markets.

Funding Rounds  4  - 705k.

Activation Products: The industry s best marine phytoplankton and other natural energy supplement provider. 1-866-271-7595.

You may have known SunSource by a number of other names including Fauver, Air-Dreco, Activation, Air-Draulics, Fluid Process Equipment, and etc. 888-786-7723.

Free Business profile for Activation Inc at 153 W Valley Ave, Birmingham, AL, 352093623, US. Activation Inc specializes in. This business can be reached at.

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