Backup Printer Driver Windows 7

One common problem I have run into with clients is trying to share a printer connected to a Windows XP machine with Windows 7. There are lots of people out there that.

Follow the mentioned steps to How to Install a Printer Driver on windows 7, Step by Step Guide to install the printer driver manually Connect Printer Setup.

As I ve stated several times in other threads, look for no support from HP in regards to updating to Windows 8. I consider myself fortunate, even then had to reduce.

My PC replacement process includes capturing all the installed network printers using a VB Script which gets the information and writes it to a cmd file which can simply be executed on the new machine. I believe you would just need to remove the Local FALSE to capture them all. It appears I m also capturing which printer is default and setting that again on the new machine.

Here s the VBScript:

Const ForWriting 2

Set objNetwork CreateObject Wscript.Network

strName objNetwork.UserNamestrDomain objNetwork.UserDomainstrUser strDomain strName

Get the users home directory and set Folder locationSet wshShell CreateObject WScript.Shell strHomeDrive wshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings homedrive Set wshShell NothingstrFolder strHomeDrive wscript.echo Debug: strFolder

strText strUser vbCrLfstrComputer .

Set objWMIService GetObject winmgmts: strComputer root cimv2

Export a list of network printers to a text fileSet colPrinters objWMIService.ExecQuery _ Select From Win32_Printer Where Local FALSE

For Each objPrinter in colPrintersstrText strText printui.exe /in /c strComputer /n objPrinter.Name vbCrLfNext

Set colDefPrinter objWMIService.ExecQuery _ Select From Win32_Printer Where Default TRUE

For Each objPrinter in colDefPrinterstrText strText printui.exe /y /c strComputer /n objPrinter.Name vbCrLfstrText strText printui.exe /ga /n objPrinter.NameNext

Write filesSet objFSO CreateObject Scripting.FileSystemObject

If Not objFSO.FolderExists strFolder ThenobjFSO.CreateFolder strFolder End If

Set objFile objFSO.CreateTextFile _ strFolder Import_Printers.cmd, ForWriting, False

objFile.Write strText

If objFSO.FileExists strFolder Import_Printers.cmd Thenmsgbox Printers Exported to: I: Import_Printers.cmd VBCrLf Double click that file on the new machine to install printers. ElseMsgbox Printer Export Failed, please try again. End If


backup printer driver windows 7 backup printer driver windows 7

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Windows Vista and Windows 7 has a tool called the Microsoft Management Console MMC built into windows which you will use to remove the printer drivers.

backup printer driver windows 7 backup printer driver windows 7

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