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Download Motorola PEBL U6 driver for Windows 2000 / Windows XP. To download Motorola PEBL U6 Telephone driver follow the instructions on the page.

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driver software pebl u6

03-24-2006,  PM 1

Have been trying to flash my Pebl for almost 2 weeks now. Phone will connect to MPT via cable but can not connect to any of the P2K/seem editing software. I have tried all the suggested fixes listed in these forums and none of them work. Where can I get the actual PEBL U6 Drivers windows keeps asking for.

Thanks in advance for any help

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03-24-2006,  PM 2

Originally Posted by Rudeboy269

Thanks in advance for any help

no such thing as pebl drivers - the drivers are the same for all phones.try this: 20Man.exe

03-24-2006,  PM 3

Thanks for the quick reply, But this did not work either. after I point it to the c: windows system32 drivers folder it tells me the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software. I have tried this on two different computers, could it be something with the Phone itself.

03-25-2006,  AM 4

Are you pointing it to a valid location for p2k.sys. ie - is it actually in c: windows system32 drivers, or might it be in c: program files motorola pst etc.

If so, try unplugging the phone from one USB port and plugging it into another and going through the Found New Hardware wizard again. Worked for me on my old laptop

03-25-2006,  AM 5

Yes have tried all of that on two different computers, and still no luck. I guess i m S.O.L

03-25-2006,  AM 6

P2k USB Device drivers MPT USB Modem drivers.

p2k.inf drivers are for the p2k programs like p2kman, p2kseem, p2ktools, PST, and so on. They are in the drv folder in the P2KTools.They are the Motorola USB Device drivers you see when P2KTools is connected, look in the device manager settings on your computer as shown:

Make sure the drivers look like this in order for P2K programs to connect. You might have to plug in the phone, go into the device manager, and delete the drivers listed above. They might have a little. over them or might not. Then restart your computer plug in the cable without opening any programs and reinstall the drivers when prompted.

MPT uses the motorola USB modem driver which should have came with your MPT software. As shown:

One more thing, you cant use these programs at the same time. If you are using MPT and are finished you have to close the program, disconnect the cable, reconnect the cable and open up P2KTools or vise/versa.

03-25-2006,  AM 7

also - are you using windows xp with sp2 installed.

03-25-2006,  AM 8


I had the same problem, I couldn t get p2kman or any other applications drivers to work with the PEBL. I found some obscure thread that indicated that the initial USB driver should be the one loaded from P2KCommander, then load all subsequent drivers from the normal P2Kman driver /inf folder.

I did that and it straightened all the problems out.

Make sure that before you start you remove your existing motorola device from the windows hardware manager then plug it back in and allow it to be re-detected.

03-25-2006,  PM 9

If you ve installed MPT, the correct drivers should be in:

C: Program Files Motorola Phone Tools Inf Composer_Drivers

Not sure why they re in that directory the W2K_XP_USB_Drivers directory would seem to make more sense, but I tried them all and those are the ones that work.

03-25-2006,  PM 10

I tried out MPT 4 and dont like it much. Is there a better tool to edit the Phonebook.

ALSO, what video format does a file have to be in to transfer to my Pebl.

LAST, I just purchased my Pebl on Thursday night. I charged the battery up that night, and last night it needed to be charged again. I did use the Bluetooth feature with a headset, does it really take that much battery power, or is something wrong with my phone that I have to charge it daily.

03-25-2006,  PM 11

Thanks guys The P2KCommander trick did it. Thanks for all the replies

03-25-2006,  PM 12

My fiancee s PEBL is usually only down one bar on the battery after 2-3 days of use. She doesn t leave BT turned on tho.

03-27-2006,  AM 13

Im having probs connecting my pebl to my pc using the usb cable. i installed the given CD MPT but it doesn t automatically recognise my phone and its not in the list.

Am i being dense. Im using xp sp2

03-27-2006,  AM 14

Originally Posted by migwar

Am i being dense. Im using xp sp2

Im having problems also.

I installed MPT 4 just fine, but dont like it to much. I also want to transfer JAVA games, and P2K Manager can do that.

When connecting the phone, it says Motorola Modem, i point it toC: Program Files Motorola Phone Tools Inf Composer_Driversand it installs fine.

Next, it says Motorola Phone Pebl U6. I point it to the same directory, but it cant find the drivers.

I also installed the Win2K/WinXP Motorola DriverPack, Version 2.9 from, but that didnt help either. Anyone know where this program actually put the driver files, maybe I can point to them.

03-27-2006,  PM 15

Try downloading p2kcommander and when the computer asks for the Pebl U6 drivers point it to the driver folder in p2kcommander. I had the same problem and this is what worked for me.

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