Remote Code For Wd Media Player

remote code for wd media player remote code for wd media player

I looked at many forums and online questions to try to figure out how to program the wdtv remote into another universal remote. I wanted to post my soulution so that others could have an easier time if they have the same problem. This worked for the WDTV SMP but I am certain would work for any model.

Futureshop: Buy Philips Universal 7-1 Remote SRP5107/27   22.99 it has the LEARN button on the top left mandatory.

Now you can set up all your devices on the remote using the smart codes provided. It has a Wesern Digital code but it doesnt work. So instead for the WDTV remote you can clone the remote using the LEARN feature. This also worked in my Telus PVR and Samsung Soundbar, neither codes found or worked.

You press the input button on the new remote you want to use to control your WDTV CBL/TV/DVR/HD and then press and hold the LEARN button down while also simultaniously holding down another button i.e. POWER until the light goes solid red. Then while placing the WDTV remote 5 cm away facing the new remote, press and hold the WDTV POWER button unitl the red light blinks on the new remote.

Now your power button will work on the new remote. You have to continue this step for every other button, choosing what buttons you want control of and which buttons on the new remote should control them. It takes a while but it works.

DISCLAIMER: This does not solve a lost remote problem. You must have the original remote to program the new one.

I am sure the expensive Logitech Remotes can do this faster but if you want a great Universal Remote for cheap 22 aint bad.

Operating the WD TV HD Media Player Using the Remote Control Note: WD TV Mini Media Player does not support playback of protected premium content such as.

  • A replacement or additional remote control for WD TV HD Media Player This remote control is compatible with the systems: WD TV Mini.
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  • Hello, I have never tried setting a universal remote to work with a WD TV. Lets see if any other user has tried this and can share their experience with us.
  • I need the remote code for Western Digital HD TV Media I would a 46 Insignia LCD TV recently just to connect this player to. I want the remote that the TV.

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