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Installation - Motorola MC50, MC55, MC55A, MC5590 Active Sync for Windows. . Installing Active Sync 4.5.. Installation the Scan Ticket Application.

  • With the MC50 enterprise digital assistant, v110_2068 for WIndows CE: May 2015: Software Downloads: Android USB Driver v1.2: Feb 2015.
  • The MC50 from Motorola is first in a class of mobile computers that Microsoft Windows Mobileâ Tesco Store Managers Reclaim 7-8 Hours with Symbol MC50.
  • Get Symbol MC50 software for your Windows Mobile 2003 SE for ODBC conduit and Driver Now Symbol MC50 feeds Symbol MC50 software Symbol MC50 free.

Symbol MC50 Portable mc50 stuck in flight mode I have a Symbol MC 50 scanner running Windows mobile 2003 and mc50 scanner Symbol MC50 Symbol Drivers.

Symbol MC50 Software. Z4Soft. PTab for Symbol MC50 main lightweight and easy to use apps / web pages / docs launcher and favorites dialer for Windows Mobile.

Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Symbol USB Sync drivers. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP; Download. Driver Version: 6.1.6965.0.

Free Motorola Mobile Device drivers for Windows 7. Free drivers for Motorola Mobile Device for Windows 7. Found 1 file. Please select the driver to download.

Everything worked swimmingly with my Symbol MC5040 under XP. But I just bought a new Windows 7 machine. I have an iQue M5 that connects and syncs just fine, but the Symbol only works halfway:

- When connected, the Symbol installed properly and does show up in Devices Printers, in the Unspecified section. It s called Symbol USB Sync and it says the device is working properly. It s hooked up with the 6.1.6965.0 driver, which I believe is the latest.

- The Symbol does NOT show up in the Sync Center. Therein lies the problem. My iQue M5 does show up here and syncs fine, so I can browse it and install software. I do try to have only one or the other plugged in at a time to avoid conflicts.

Can anyone suggest how I can get my Symbol to appear in the sync center.